Simple and efficient design that makes easier the management of preventive maintenance of equipment, machinery, documents, maturities, etc. oriented to SMEs or large companies.

Operated entirely in the cloud, connected to own or external technicians, personalized messenger service and task organization that maximizes the performance of your equipment and increases the speed of incident resolution.



Moving Machines

Conveyor belts, elevators, pallet trucks, etc. They require predictive and preventive maintenance, as well as quick responses to breakages or defects.

Sensors and Meters

Readers and sensors have, in addition to a great importance in the processes, a unique address in the computer network. Our system provides tools to manage them correctly.

Washing machines

A broken device ceases to make a profit. Prevent prolonged downtime by controlling the stock of spare parts, technicians in charge of making the arrangements or inputs such as salts or lubricants.

Gyms and institutions

Gym equipment, also swimming pools or aesthetic services facilities must take care of and maintain machines or mechanisms that require lubrication or replacement of worn parts.

Dryers and cooking tunnels

Mechanisms that withstand temperature changes during the production process are especially delicate and depend on efficient maintenance management for maximum performance.

Computer networks

Each device on your computer network has a unique address in a defined IP class and a mac-address. Our program organizes, manages and orders the assignment of new IPs avoiding conflicts and crashes in the communication network.


Recuperación de datos

Como distribuidores de Laby, el mayor y más eficiente laboratorio de recuperación de datos, ofrecemos toda nuestra experiencia y asesoramiento para que usted pueda, en todos los casos recuperar sus datos perdidos.


Laby forever data: Desde Barcelona recuperamos datos de Europa y el mundo entero.

Nuestros técnicos especializados pueden recuperar los datos perdidos de iPhone, iPad o MacBook dañados y también repararlos.

Análisis forense informático y pruebas periciales. Recuperamos y certificamos información crítica con valor jurídico para empresas y personas físicas.

Recuperamos datos cifrados con virus o ransomware. El ransomware es un software extorsivo: su finalidad es impedirte usar tu dispositivo.

Recuperamos toda clase de dispositivos: discos duros, RAID, memorias USB o pendrive, discos SSD, tarjetas de memoria.

En Laby contamos con una prestigiosa Certificación de Rusolut que nos hace aptos para distribuir y ofrecer servicios de esta marca, gracias a que contamos con la mejor tecnología para prestar servicios de recuperación de datos al más alto nivel. Certificados con la norma ISO-9001:2015